Update 1.1 Features List

Update 1.1 (available as a free update in a few days) introduces some new features and corrects some bugs.

Take a look at the INFINITO 1.1 Features playlist (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL035DFBDC4F089E25&feature=mh_lolz) to discover the new Setup Tab, the Dynamic Skydome and the ANMG (Automatic Normal Map Generation).

Here below is a list of all the major changes/corrections/features coming with this release:

– Setup tab addon: featuring the possibility to easily enable/disable object libraries
– Dynamic Skydome: based on Rayleigh scattering model, it allows to create all the sky domes you need, and even a star dome
– ANMG: automatic normal maps generation will enhance terrain details. Normal map is automatically applied to the terrain upon Studio scene creation
– initial brush intensity proportional to terrain size
– all file open dialogs will now default to latest browsed folder
– OSX users can now run the plugin even if there is no network/internet connection
– increased map size generation up to 16384×16384
– corrected some status bar, interface and log file messages
– removed static sky dome
– set minimum screen size allowed to 1024×768

One response to “Update 1.1 Features List”

  1. Philip Staiger says :

    Buon Giorno Alessandro!

    I was wondering if it could interest you to make a version of Infinito that is standalone and then add a plugin connection to Dogwaffle (PD Pro Howler or Artist, same method).

    If you’re interested in considering and exploring it please check http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/sdk for the free SDK and code samples.

    Other developers have done it, taken their standalone existing app and added the capability for it to connect to Dogwaffle (which runs as an activeX server) in order to exchange images, animations, brushes etc…

    One developer did add a Lua scripting filter to Dogwaffle, he is in Italy too. You could contact him for questions. See him (DogLua) and other applications and plugins here:



    Thanks and either way, congrats on your great program and I wish you all the best for the new year! or like Pixar might say: To Infinito(!) and beyond… 🙂


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