Here are listed all the  b features as from latest development build:

  • Daz Studio 3/4 compliant plugin
  • 32/64bit versions for both Windows and OSX
  • the procedural noise engine allows to create infinite terrains and texture maps
  • deform and sculpt the terrain in realtime using your mouse
  • use a reference texture map to position object precisely and exactly where you want them
  • use all the props from your Daz Studio libraries
  • populate the terrain and create your Daz Scene visually, using your mouse like a brush
  • create ecosystems in a heartbeat
  • edit the objects visually, reposition and orient them as you like
  • generate your Daz Studio scene dynamically and seamlessy
  • create, save and share your presets

4 Responses to “FEATURES”

  1. malcolm jacobs says :

    I just got Infinito on my computer, it looks like it’s going to be quite an amazing tool,
    i hope to learn step by step how to create landscapes and places for my Daz studio Charactors When i got the program, i did not realize it’s full potentual
    now i understand it’s a powerful tool which in the long run,
    i’m sure it will save me time and expence!
    for me the learning curve is very steap , its not something i will ba able to learn in a day. but also i am very greatful for the on-line videos on youtube,
    and your gallery for giving me ideas

    thank you
    best wishes
    Ot: mal

  2. K.J. says :

    Are there ways to generate urban scenes such as city blocks as well? This would indeed be handy, as creating large towns or neighborhoods is particularly labor-intensive.

  3. Ginger says :

    This appears to be an exciting new tool for DAZ Studio and am looking forward to the development and release.

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