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INFINITO 2.0 and beyond…

Work on future versions and features continues: today I’d like to show a simple render of a terrain made of 2048×2048 quads.

INFINITO 2.0 will feature terrain sizes up to 4096×4096, which will increase dramatically the terrain quality and detail… click on the image to show it full size.


Update 1.1 Features List

Update 1.1 (available as a free update in a few days) introduces some new features and corrects some bugs.

Take a look at the INFINITO 1.1 Features playlist ( to discover the new Setup Tab, the Dynamic Skydome and the ANMG (Automatic Normal Map Generation).

Here below is a list of all the major changes/corrections/features coming with this release:

– Setup tab addon: featuring the possibility to easily enable/disable object libraries
– Dynamic Skydome: based on Rayleigh scattering model, it allows to create all the sky domes you need, and even a star dome
– ANMG: automatic normal maps generation will enhance terrain details. Normal map is automatically applied to the terrain upon Studio scene creation
– initial brush intensity proportional to terrain size
– all file open dialogs will now default to latest browsed folder
– OSX users can now run the plugin even if there is no network/internet connection
– increased map size generation up to 16384×16384
– corrected some status bar, interface and log file messages
– removed static sky dome
– set minimum screen size allowed to 1024×768