Archive | September 2011

Introduction movie

This is the introduction movie about INFINITO. It’s only 1 minute long and shows things very fast.

I will post more movies showing more in detail all the features of INFINITO.

Mr. Daniel Pemberton was so kind to grant me the permission to use his fantastic music “The Opening” from the Prehistoric Park Soundtrack!

What is INFINITO ?

INFINITO is a Daz Studio 3/4 plugin that allows to create detailed and stunning 3D terrains and easily populate them using all the props available in your Daz libraries.

INFINITO will definitely revolutionize the way you work with Daz Studio, bringing innovative tools and infinite possibilities.

INFINITO interface is user-friendly and extremely easy to use: you will enjoy experimenting with the TERRAFORM module, fiddling with all the options and parameters available; and after that, sculpting the terrain with your mouse, and POPULATE it just painting and brushing single or multiple props, or even deploying ecosystems automatically.

And when you are satisfied with it, click the CREATE button and see INFINITO creating your Daz scene automatically for you!

No more hours spent exporting and importing terrain models or textures from external applications, manually positioning props, figuring proper height and angles. INFINITO will do that for you!