Archive | September 2011

Dynamic, physically accurate skydome!

Following Rayleigh scattering theory (, I coded a SkyDome section in INFINITO that allows to create and customize your own sky dome tweaking several parameters. Watch the movie for more information and see it in action!

Loading greyscale heightmaps and wavefront obj’s!

INFINITO features list is growing very quickly. I just added the possibility to load custom heightmap images, and even to load wavefront object files (and related texture), so that you will be able to interface INFINITO with every terrain generation software you like! As usual, comments are suggestions are welcome!

New feature: the Presets Library!

This is a very nice feature, which will allow to save your terrain maps, and load them back from the Presets Library! You can also share and download INFINITO presets created from other users!

New feature added: reposition items automatically !

This is a cool one, watch the movie !

Sand dunes tutorial!

Creating a sand dunes terrain in INFINITO is a matter of a few seconds! Watch the movie and judge yourself …

Populate section – Part 3: edit items and create the final Daz scene !

This movie shows how to delete and edit your prop instances, and of course export your virtual world to Daz Studio !

Populate section – Part 2: deploying props

This movie shows how simple, effective and fun is to deploy single and multiple props over the terrain and create automatically a random ecosystem.

Populate section – Part 1: terrain editing

In this movie you can see how easily you can deform and sculpt the terrain in realtime, just using your mouse !

Terraform section: quick overview

Hi folks, here is a movie showing a quick overview of the Terraform section interface, and how the noise map engine works. All the features and controls of this section will be discussed more in detail in next upcoming movies.

Click here to download the high-resolution movie.